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Cork, Ireland


Welcome to Tikolu's Website

Hello, my name is Tikolu, I make Android apps.

I can make an app for you or your business. I can also make a website altough I'm rather new to that. I can also help you if you have a problem with your Android or Windows device. I don't take payments for this but you can send a donation :)


Feel free to contact me via email, or any other way listed here:

Stuff by Me

June 12018 JavaScript

A simple and quick way to remove nukes from Edit the Text pages.

Use Online
Holiday Percentage
June 12018 JavaScript

Find out what percentage of your holiday is already gone.

Use Online
March 12018 Python

A Python library which makes it easier to make bots for Edit the Text.

View on Github
Windows Holocene Calendar Enabler
November 12017 Windows Registry

Simple tool that enables the Holocene Calendar on any Windows Computer.

Download ZIP
Loan Manager
October 12016 Android

Keep track of your outgoing and incoming loans. View the history to see the amounts and the dates.

Google Play
Spot the Difference
September 12016 Android

Find out the difference between the two grids. With each round you have less time.

Google Play
Picture Flash! Memory Game
June 12016 Android

My first attempt at an android game. Can you repeat the sequence of images shown?

Google Play
Layer Mic
May 12016 Android

A simple Android app for making harmonies from singing or playing an instrument.

Play Store
December 12015 Scratch

Stop the balls from getting to the bottom of the screen by drawing barriers. The game gets faster as it goes!

Scratch Sourcecode
Enigma Coding Machine Simulator
November 12014 Scratch

The German coding machine recreated in Scratch.

Scratch Sourcecode